Welcome to ecoral! A new way of combining good oral health whilst being mindful of our planet. 

ECO - What does eco-friendly mean to you? For us it means making small changes to our everyday lives (eg. brushing our teeth) to make a big difference for ours and our children's futures. 

ORAL- A lot of us are oblivious to the importance of good oral health. The founder of ecoral is Georgia, a qualified Dental Hygienist, who has tried and tested a lot of eco friendly products to find the most suitable for our oral health needs. 

the dorset hygienist was set up in 2019 when Georgia moved to Dorset. Her move was inspired by the beautiful scenery of the beaches and new forest offering a new quality of life for her and her husband. On feeling blessed by her picturesque surroundings she quickly realised that her profession was not taking into consideration the vulnerable environment by using predominately single use plastic items. Therefore creating ecoral - an online shop whereby patients and the general public can purchase eco-friendly alternatives using bamboo and plant based products, without sacrificing your oral health. 

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