Why I chose this eco friendly toothpaste? (oral care) 

They contain fluoride - important for promoting remineralisation of the enamel, creating an increased resistance to acid attack, and therefore decreasing the rate of decay. 

They are SLS free - some patients are prone to reacting to SLS if they have sensitive gums.

Why I chose this eco friendly toothpaste? (environmental reasons)

  • They arrive in minimal packaging as either a tin (1months worth) or a cardboard box (3months worth)

  • There is no plastic waste- plastic toothpaste tubes tend to get put into landfill which takes 100s of years to decompose

  • They are cost-effective with no waste - we have all sat there for ages trying to squeeze the last of the toothpaste out of the tube 

  • They are convenient - especially for any holidays or camping trips as no waste after use.